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Conceived as a retreat from busy city life, The Modular Tiny House seeks to bring nature into the private dwelling space. This off-grid home was designed for a couple in their early thirties, who want to escape their city-oriented life, and create a deeper connection with the environment in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The client has an active and healthy lifestyle, and enjoys outdoor activities such as exploring, hiking, camping and skiing. 

The functional design of the tiny house is based on the idea of unifying exterior and interior space, creating a symbiotic relationship and giving the client the freedom to choose how to interact with their surroundings. The space is divided into three 8’-2” x 10’-2” modules: rest, service, and dwell. Both the rest and dwell modules use folding glass walls to connect with the exterior, while the service module houses all the utilities necessary for the house to function. 

The Modular Tiny House is designed as a prefabricated unit, leveraging a controlled building environment to reduce cost, time, waste, and the client’s carbon footprint. Moreover, the site-built pier foundation reduces the impact on the natural environment, strengthening the relationship with the site. 

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