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Located in a secluded neighborhood of Monterrey county, at the foothill of the Sierra Madre Oriental, site conditions present the maximum slope allowed by the local construction code to build on. Views to the east, south and west are some of the best the area has to offer.

With these conditions in mind, the design chooses to use the slope in its favor by developing a system of terraces, dividing the program in 3 different areas, using a circulations module to transition from private to public.

The main (street) level serves as a welcome area, a sort of transition point between busy public life and dwelling space, housing the kitchen, dinning and living room. Three bedrooms area housed in the upper (private) level, while the social area is located in the lower levels. Finally, the lowest level works with the circulation module to offer a smooth transition into the backyard, were the topography is left as is as a site memento.

Privanzas - ISO Vector.jpg
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